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Eating locally and healthy in Tanzania and Kenya

The local food in East Africa is really not bad. Yes, they do eat quite some carbs and unhealthy oil (see my post about that), but the food is tasty, quite diverse with different flavors, and there are many types of vegetables that come with standard and local meals. I therefore enjoy eating local food and hardly ever have a graving for ‘western’ or ‘luxury’ food in the more expensive restaurants. (Contrary to when I was traveling in South America and often ate at non-local restaurants for more choices and more veggies.) Read More


How to eat healthy in the land of fried carbs?

Not sure if it is because carbs and fat are staple foods or because, especially when combined, they are very appealing to humans, but fact is that in East Africa you never have to worry about not eating enough carbs and fat. You do however have to think about how to limit your intakes. Read More

Snacks for bus rides

5 healthy snacks for long bus rides in East Africa

If you travel through East Africa, there is hardly any escape from traveling on buses. The buses themselves range from relatively comfortable to not comfortable at all, but the trips also vary in food options. I have made two long trips so far. The first one was good: it took 12 hours, but we had two toilet stops (with one that also sold snacks) and one lunch stop where we could buy a proper hot lunch. So even though the trip was very long, it was doable because of the food options.

The second trip was tough. Not only were the quality of the road and the bus terrible, but there were no proper stops. There were two stops at bus stations with toilets, but there was no stop for lunch and the trip took 8 hours! (From 8 am to 4 pm) So when I got finally off the bus I was hungry! Luckily I had thought of bringing some snacks on this trip and we were also able to buy a few at the bus stations (sales people come into the bus or sell through the windows), so we survived. Here are 5 of the best snacks to bring on long bus trips. Read More


Local snacks of Kenya and Tanzania

There are plenty of local snacks to eat In Kenya and Tanzania, some healthier than other, but generally tasty and cheap and widely available. Read More

Restaurant view

Tourist food on Zanzibar

If you are staying somewhere outside of Stonetown, close to the beach, your best options for food are at one the resorts or restaurants aimed at tourists. There is usually a menu with enough options for vegetarians and definitely for seafood lovers. Fish, meat and curries are often served with a choice of potato fries, sweet potato wedges, white rice, (steamed or curried) vegetables and/or salad. Salads usually contain a mix of cucumber, tomato, onion and/or cabbage. (Since the water is generally safe to drink, it is also safe to eat salads.)

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