About me


Goes by the name Anneke, or Anna – in countries where they can’t pronounce my name
Born and raised in the Netherlands
Traveled to all 7 continents and about 70 countries
Severe case of wanderlust
Happiest when traveling, reading a good book in the warm sun, eating good food, drinking amazing wine, having dinner & drinks & good conversations with friends
Lived in Amsterdam for the last 9 years
Married to Frans, who is vegetarian and also loves to travel, cook, eat and drink
Lived & worked or studied in Sweden, New Zealand, the USA and the Philippines
Radically changed diets twice in my life for health reasons, which was both hard but rewarding
Worked for 8 years in a 9-5 job and quit to travel more and to move to South Africa
Believes that food is a main influencer of health
Tries to stay away from sugar, lactose and artificial food
Loves to drink good wine or a cocktail, even if it is not so healthy
Fan of Mediterranean food

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