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Eating locally and healthy in Tanzania and Kenya

The local food in East Africa is really not bad. Yes, they do eat quite some carbs and unhealthy oil (see my post about that), but the food is tasty, quite diverse with different flavors, and there are… Read More


How to eat healthy in the land of fried carbs?

Not sure if it is because carbs and fat are staple foods or because, especially when combined, they are very appealing to humans, but fact is that in East Africa you never have to worry about not eating enough… Read More

Snacks for bus rides

5 healthy snacks for long bus rides in East Africa

If you travel through East Africa, there is hardly any escape from traveling on buses. The buses themselves range from relatively comfortable to not comfortable at all, but the trips also vary in food options. I have made two… Read More


Local snacks of Kenya and Tanzania

There are plenty of local snacks to eat In Kenya and Tanzania, some healthier than other, but generally tasty and cheap and widely available.

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