Local snacks of Kenya and Tanzania


Local snacks of Kenya and Tanzania

There are plenty of local snacks to eat In Kenya and Tanzania, some healthier than other, but generally tasty and cheap and widely available.

Healthy snacks

A very healthy option and my absolute favorite for a snack/drink is coconut. It is sometimes available in restaurants, on beaches (some of the beach boys selling it) or somewhere in a city on the streets. I did not see it a lot around bus stations (unfortunately). So you have to be kind of lucky to come across it, but if you do, it is great! It is great for if you are thirsty and it also fills you because of the (good) fat and fibre it contains. After you drink it, they can open it for you, so you can also eat the ‘meat’.


Fresh coconut

BBQ meat is widely available in cities and even smaller villages, just follow the smell of the BBQ. Depending on the region they either have beef, chicken or mutton (inland), and/or fish and seafood (on the coast). Sometimes there are vegetarian options, like a local version of falafal (not as tasty as you may be used to), but mostly it is meat only. Vegetarians can still enjoy the salad and fried potatoes at these places.

BBQ snacks

BBQ snacks

Less healthy snacks (but still very tasty)

Samosas are everywhere! In restaurants, supermarkets and street stalls. They are very easy to find and a great snack. Ok, sometimes they are dripping from (vegetable) oil, but they are tasty and filled with either vegetables or beef or chicken (the veggie and the beef being the most common ones).

Vegetable samosa


Ok, ‘chipsi’ may not be the healthiest snack, but they are made of fresh potatoes without any additives, which makes them┬ávery tasty. Plus, I just love fried potatoes ­čÖé The potatoes are fried in vegetable oil, so mostly contain carbs and unhealthy fat, but at least the real potatoes count for something and make them much better than their counterparts in western fast food restaurants.

At a chipsi place you can usually also order ‘chipsi mayai’, which is chips fried in egg, so basically fried eggs and potatoes. They come with salad, so you can eat it as a meal.

Chipsi place

Chipsi place

Frying pan on wood fire

Frying oil pan on wood fire


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