Why this blog?

This blog combines three of the things I love: traveling, food and healthy living. Hence the title ‘Eat (well), Live (healthy), Travel (abundantly)’. Because the combination of these three can sometimes be a challenge, I spend quite some time while traveling on finding good & healthy food. And I am pretty sure there are more people who do so. Because they like healthy food, or because they are vegetarian, or because they have certain allergies or intolerances for food. The easiest thing would be to stay home and cook your own food, but if you love to travel (like me), you want to find ways of traveling ánd eating healthy. And besides, one of the joys of traveling is tasting and enjoying the local food and flavors! So this blog is for you.

The idea for this blog started when I was on a pretty strict diet and traveling in different countries in Europe. I had just found out that I could not eat any gluten, dairy products, eggs, pork, sugar, alcohol and hardly any carbs and fruit when I had already booked a trip to Spain… Let’s say this trip was a challenge, and even though I was doing very well at home with the diet, I couldn’t stick to it for a 100% when I was in Spain. Luckily a weekend of some bad food did not destroy my health, but it made me more aware of the challenges. A few months later, when I could eat a bit more, I went on a road trip through Eastern Europe with my husband. Eating healthy food was usually not a problem, especially since we could also cook our own food while camping, but it was still challenging when you do not understand the menu or have no clue what they put in certain dishes. There were a few occasions when we could not eat what we ordered. I vividly remember the time we ordered a pasta dish, only to realize when they served it, that it was covered in generous portions of bacon & grease, and me not eating pork and my husband being vegetarian, it was certainly disappointing.

This blog is to help you understand more of the local food and to know what to order or buy if there are certain things you do not eat. Do not expect this blog to be complete, but I hope it will be helpful or interesting to you. And if you have certain requests, feel free to ask and I will do my best! I also realize that what is healthy for some, is not so good for others. It is by no means my intention to tell you what you should eat or not, but I hope I can at least inform you about the contents of the food you may encounter when traveling.

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